For Martina Pieralli, content creator, social media manager, travel blogger and marketing teacher, life is an adventure: every day is busy with thousand activities… and above all very different from each other!

Yes, because Martina is an extremely multifaceted girl who cultivates many passions but above all one has “bewitched” her, that is the love of travel.

In her travel blog you can find from short weekend trips to itineraries in Jordan, in Iceland, in Florida and in many other parts of the world.

If it is true that, as Alphonse de Lamartine said (Ed., french writer and politician who lived between the eighteenth and nineteenth century) “there is not a man more complete than the one who traveled and who changed twenty times the form of his thought and his life”, surely Martina has much to tell us.

Her social pages not only contain descriptions and advice on destinations but are rich of content with reflections on life and fragility that makes us more human (Ed., we felt it especially in this period that “tested” all of us).

What was your first real trip you remember?

Every trip I made with my family since I was a child was true and unique but the experience that marked me as a true traveler was my honeymoon road trip to discover California and the parks ( wonderful!) from the United States to magnificent Hawaii.
I traveled with new eyes and with a desire to that I had never had before.

What is the best feeling when you travel?

This is a beautiful question that nobody asked me until now. Every time before a trip I’m afraid. I’m afraid that something will go wrong, for example I’m afraid to forget important documents at home or I’m afraid of flight hours. Then, when I reach the destination, adrenaline grows and all the worries disappear.

Traveling is to get out of your home, a bit like getting out of your comfort zone and getting involved in a different country, perhaps far away, with a culture different from ours. From fear, to adrenaline and happiness! All emotions are beautiful when I travel!

Do you have a favorite destination (or more than one)? And why?

I can’t answer this question because I love every trip I make. Every journey is different.
The United States fascinated me, South Africa transformed me, Israel led me to reflect, Iceland showed me unique natural phenomena, in Hawaii I met wonderful people and I could go on for hours.
I don’t think I can answer this question differently than that!

Do you remember when you understood that the passion for travel could be transformed into a real job?

During my honeymoon. You must know that I born with a passion for writing. I don’t find difficult to write and writing comes naturally to me at any time of the day: I write if I’m happy, I write if  I’m sad, I always write. During my honeymoon I saw unique places and lived them with a different spirit as I said before and, once back in Italy, I felt the need to write everything I saw.
My husband Gianluca suggested me to open a travel blog to make sense of my thirst for writing because it would have been a shame to leave my thoughts on paper that nobody would ever read.

In this “complicated” period because of the coronavirus, what advice would you give for those who travel?

Let’s restart Italy is my motto currently. We live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world! Never more than now I believe that traveling in Italy is necessary as well as safe. Our healthcare is the best ever and we are seeing that people are taking hygiene and sanitation guidelines seriously. We can travel safely but responsibly.

Are you planning a trip (for work or with friends/husband)?

I always travel in pairs, my husband is my official photographer and I could not feel good on a trip without him! In august we will do a short road trip in Basilicata, the region of our heart! (my husband was born in the splendid Matera).
Then we will enjoy the sea and the apulian food.
In september we will probably go to work to discover the swiss beauties too often underestimated!

Travel blogger, social media manager, content creator and marketing teacher … How do you combine everything?

I think I’m incredibly multitasking! No, seriously, the secret is the organization. I am very accurate, sometimes too much!
The fact of having everything in order and under control allows me to do an infinite number of things without wasting time. Then remember, if you do what you love, it will not burden you at all.

What was your best work experience? What made you happier?

I worked as a ghost writer for an important company, a collaboration I am very proud of. I wrote a book and, even if my name does not appear (the ghost writer writes without putting his/her name on it), it was a truly rich and challenging experience.
I wrote for Coca Cola Italy at the beginning of my journey as a travel blogger and it gave me an important boost but also working for tourism organizations around the world is still an honor and a privilege.

Doing many things, I accept jobs that challenge me and in which I believe. Every time a client (a private individual or a large company) writes to me that it was wonderful to work with me, I fell myself full of joy.

What advice would you give for those who want to become a content creator? Could you tell us something starting from your personal experience?

You should have a lot of willpower and you do not have to give up in front of the first, second and third NO. You have to be creative but with your feet on the ground and of course you have to create something of value. Taking pictures is not enough, you need to know how to show emotions telling your story. In addition, inventing yourself every day is important to meet the needs of your audience.

Recently, with my marketing pills you mentioned before, I did exactly that. I understood the needs of my audience and I created content that generates value and that gives something concrete to the readers. Knowing how to be sensitive to the needs of those who follow us and knowing how to transform ourselves every day is really fundamental.

Would you tell us three adjectives that a traveler should always “pack”?

The first three adjectives that come to my mind and that I always carry with me are curiosity, audacity, flexibility!
I also tell you two things that should always be left at home: judgment (or prejudice) and fear.
I always like to say that when you travel you learn that the different is not strange but unique.

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