The study, commissioned by the MiSE, gives an overview of the blockchain ecosystem and illustrates its implications for Italian entrepreneurship.

Italy is the first European country to finance this type of study and this case demonstrates the attention of the MiSE towards the solutions provided by emerging technologies to our SMEs and startups, as well as the positive effects on their competitiveness“, pointed out the Undersecretary Mirella Liuzzi.

This is a project that analyzes the state of development of Italian companies engaged in developing applications and services based on the blockchain and presents the latest legislation and public policies in the use of this technology.

As certified by the report” – adds the Undersecretary Liuzzi – the Italian blockchain industry is growing fast. It is necessary to support these development paths with targeted policies in order to trigger growth and innovation, involve more and more entrepreneurial realities and aim for a strategic vision of the future in which Italy wants to play a leading role“.

In the OECD document Tutelio was mentioned among the nine examples of blockchain solutions in Italy.

The research that today led to the development of the Tutelio platform began over 5 years ago” declared the Tutelio CEO and founder Fabrizio Lipani – “and by 2024, spending on Blockchain-based technologies, will exceed 20 billion. The applications of this technology in the field of intellectual property with no doubt are the best experiments and we are proud that Tutelio was included in this study and of the work we are doing”.

If you want to read the complete study commissioned by MiSE, visit the page.


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