Waiting for the fourth and final season, the horror-thriller series “Servant” available on Apple TV+ returns to the center of attention and not to talk about the next news about the plot and characters.

Involved in a legal case in 2020, today she is again accused of plagiarism!

The movie director Francesca Gregorini, in fact, in 2020 had pursued a lawsuit against the production and the director M. Night Shyamalan, claiming that “Servant” was the plagiarism of one of her 2013 films, “The Truth About Emanuel”. She claimed that they stole not only the plot of her film, but also they copied her production choices.


In both films, these are stories about a mother who takes care of a doll as if it were a real child and the relations that develop with the young nanny.

In 2020, the case was closed for lack of obvious similarities by the judge John F. Walter, who emphasized the unreasonableness of the director’s allegations, sentencing Gregorini to pay court costs of more than $162,000.

In these days, however, an appeals court has put the issue back on the table and has recognized Gregorini’s right to proceed with her complaint against Apple and Shyamalan.

The appeal challenged the validity of the first judgment, arguing for the possibility of being able to discuss the similarities between the two films with a different court.

What everyone is wondering is: are there really similarities or is it yet another case of fake plagiarism?

If it’s the first, this could mean the block of the next season and the remotion of “Servant” from the Apple TV+ listing. But it’s still too early to know for sure, we’ll see!

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