Anna Lorenzi, “Annina” for friends and Gabriele Corvi, in the art Lele Corvi, recently have published “The Story of Ace, the Dog that Comes from Space“, the book written by Anna and illustrated by the cartoonist Lele. Their work tells the adventures of a puppy landed on Earth which, with a pure but never naive look, observes the strangeness of humans without ever judging them.

A very fun and genuine reading. What was the best thing about working with a professional? How important is it to create positive synergies in teamwork?

Anna “Annina” Lorenzi: Very important I would say! I think that, in any working environment, it is essential to find serious, competent and reliable professionals with whom to establish a relationship of collaboration and mutual trust (which then, often, can also become friendship). And Lele, without doubt, has all these characteristics, as well as my translator (Starleen K. Meyer) who beautifully transforms all my books into English. Working with them for me is an honor and a privilege. The most beautiful thing? I would say I had some confirmation that, in addition to the professional, in Lele there is a really great person.

Lele Corvi: Very nice and rewarding. When the author is given maximum freedom to the cartoonist is the best. With Anna it was like that in fact. She gave me her creation and allowed me to turn it into a drawing following my style.

The Ace dog is joyful and curious as a child, but it is also stubborn and confident in his own ideas and beliefs. How did you find a meeting point between word and drawing? What was the message you wanted to convey the most?

Anna “Annina” Lorenzi: Look, honestly, for me it was very simple to find a meeting point between word and drawing. When I started imagining Ace, I immediately saw it really created by Lele (I mean, in my mind ONLY LELE could have made it!) and, luckily, Lele liked the project… otherwise, I don’t really know what I would have done. For the rest, apart from a few details, I almost let him do it, free to express his art. Lele is a bit like Ace’s dad, I always tell him! I believe that more than talking about messages, our dog knows how to touch spontaneously and only apparently light (and in some ways, also in a much more human way than some humans!) of the aspects of life that concern each of us; first of all diversity, inclusion, fears and even some fundamental values such as friendship.

Lele Corvi: Finding the meeting point between word and drawing for me, who I come from the world of the cartoon, is a bit like the game I play every day. Or at least I try. Much of the cartoon is carried out by the text and the drawing is like the background for what you want to tell. Sometimes it also happens the opposite. With this collaboration I hope to have reached the point of balance trying to find the meeting point between the drawings and the message explained with great skill and lightness by Anna in the chapters. 
The message that emerges is discovered at the end of the reading of the whole book… Going through the various stages it turns out that basically we all have some feeling or test to overcome like Ace. And I find this comforting and encouraging.

What does the Ace dog mean to you? Which part concerns you most and why?

Anna “Annina” Lorenzi: Ace, like everything I write, is a part of me and of my life. Everything that concerns him, inevitably, concerns or has in some way also concerned me. Simply because this has always been part of my creative process. If you read something of mine, in fact, at least in part and whether you know it or not, you are also reading something by Anna.

Lele Corvi: In few words, for me it represents friendship, curiosity and hunger for life.

Unfortunately today aggressivity and selfishness are widespread and, sometimes, it seems that pointing the finger at someone has become a national sport. Why does the Ace dog observe humans without ever judging them? What is beautiful in us?!

Anna “Annina” Lorenzi: Ace has an insatiable curiosity, it comes from space, from another planet; it is similar to the others, but it is not exactly like them. Ace, therefore, observes and always wants to understand everything, even when an explanation seems not to be there. It doesn’t always succeed, of course, but it tries every time. Ace never judges because it is not in its nature to do so. It doesn’t care, it is not up to him, and it doesn’t think about it either! I think that Ace, which is much less naive than it may seem, although it has his own ideas and belief, wants to see and find the beautiful part that is in each of us in some way… at least, in almost everyone! 😉

Lele Corvi: Good question. If I were Ace I would return to my home planet after seeing humans. Especially in this period. But it doesn’t. On the contrary, it integrates, it finds good everywhere and it remains. This is its great strength and a great lesson.

What do you miss about the Ace dog? Many artists say that once “said goodbye” to a character, you never really abandons it

Anna “Annina” Lorenzi: Never, never, never abandon a dog! Never! Ace is always here trotting around the house, sometimes it goes for a walk to greet a few friends, but then… always come back to its couch! And… yes, I can agree with many artists, we do not forget our “creatures”. And why should we?

Lele Corvi: In fact it is still here that it wags its tail 🙂

Can you tell us the funniest episode of your collaboration? Will you do other work together? Maybe a second book about Ace?

Anna “Annina” Lorenzi: The funniest episode, I don’t know… but I can tell you that very often it is funny the playful and ironic way in which Lele and I exchange some messages concerning the book and not only. It’s always nice to deal with smart people and to be able to play together. Other jobs? I really hope so and they are welcome! A second book about Ace… Ssst! I keep silent for good luck…

Lele Corvi: Do you know that there is no episode? The whole adventure was fun! Spontaneous. A nice flow. Will there be a second book? We must ask Anna who brought the Ace dog for us on earth. I hope so! That otherwise continues to wag its tail at my feet … At least I take it for a walk on paper. Seriously, working with Anna was really enjoyable because of the great freedom and trust she gave me and so yes, I really hope I can work with her again.

We thank Lele Corvi and Anna “Annina” Lorenzi for their collaboration and for making us daydream with their book! Click here to buy it in eBook or paper format. It could be a nice Christmas gift to someone you love ❤️🎁🎅

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