In the previous chapter we suggested that, to find the right creative job, you have to first understand who you are and, once you have the right awareness, it is time to ask yourself questions about what kind of work environment is right for you.

This is also a difficult question, but we will take you step by step on this journey to clarify all your doubts.

The example we will use this time is that of falling in love: when you know a person and with them everything seems simple, pleasant, as you have never felt with anyone else, it means that you are falling in love.

You do not know why, but in the workplace it is the same thing: when you feel at home and peaceful, it means that you have found your right place in the world. It is only a matter of time.

The best of living lies in a job you like and in a happy love“, Umberto Saba

It does not mean that there will be no problems, those will always be there and indeed, they are stimulating opportunities to grow day after day. As in a true love story, thanks to ups and downs, you will strengthen yourself.

But it will be worth it because you are fighting for a good cause, which is for yourself and your passion.

Daniele Bucci, who recently passed the first phase of Awwwards, the most important competition in the world of web design, explained and told us what the difference in his opinion is between working in a small agency or in a large agency.

The experience in the agency is always important, be it small or large, because it is a moment that shapes you personally and professionally. First of all it trains you on a personal level because it teaches you the comparison with professionals like you – even better than you – and then it helps you to always question yourself“.

Speaking of small teams or the freelance experience: getting started can be difficult because you have to know how to juggle different factors independently. You must first of all identify the customer, interface with this. You must have transversal bases and know a bit of everything and a little bit of everything. From the costs of production, to the provision of a service, or to take care of invoicing and so on“(Daniele Bucci).

Better a large company or a small one?

Big corporations are big for a reason. Success is collected over time and a company becomes great when it has obtained unique advantages on the market.

Instead, working for a company that employs only a few dozen people may not offer the same size as a Fortune 500 company, but there are still some benefits to being employed in a place where everyone knows everyone.

So, which of the two realities to choose?

Deciding whether to go to a large or small company can actually be one of the most important decisions to make when you are looking for a job and for this reason we want to help you by offering you some suggestions to best guide this choice.

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