Tips from Stephen King


What’s  the secret to write a bestseller?

Most people follow their own feelings and don’t worry about finding an effective method.

Actually it would be better referring to the most successfull authors.

Just to name one, Stephen King, who doesn’t know him?

Author of “It”, which made him the king of horror, and “Shining” one of the most famous film transpositions of all time, now He is on the crest of the wave for the movie “Pet Sematary” taken from his book written in 1983.

In the 1980s he wrote a guide on how to write a bestseller.

But his opinions continue over the years: in 2000 his writing manual “On Writing Autobiografia di un mestiere” was published and it is one of those books that all writers or aspiring writers should read.

Here is a summary of his thought:

On Writing, Stephen King

1) Read a lot

Just for the pleasure of doing it and you will see that you will learn from what you read more than you think.

2) Write every day

If writing times are keeping longer you will risk moving away from your subject and it would look like unfamiliar.

3) Set a daily goal

Words and pages should be well defined. The exercise improves your performance.

4) Write like you eat

Don’t use “bizarre” words that don’t belong to you and don’t be ashamed of the simplicity of your style

5) Don’t be obsessed with grammar

But be careful with adverbs, passive forms and rethoric!

6) Be focused on essential

Go straight to the point removing superfluous. If you can’t sacrifice 10% preserving the fundamental elements of the narration, it means that you haven’t tried it fully.

7) Let your creative process go naturally

Stories come naturally and the unexpected will be around the corner! You just have to place your characters in a well defined initial situation.

8) Make real characters

Write some background keeping always the plausibility of the situation you are telling: avoid long descriptions and be focused on dialogues to show their characters.

9) Don’t confuse the rhythm of the story with the speed

Otherwise you will risk to bother the reader.

10) Have fun

Write for yourself and for the pleasure you get from it.


Furthermore Steven King gave these tips too…

11) Critic and self critic

Free yourself from the fear of not being understood by the reader or from the ostentation to show how good you are and remember that constructive critics are good opportunities to improve your stories.

12) Know the market but don’t  follow trends necessarily

Write a relevant story in accordance with the publisher and the reader but if you don’t believe in what you write, you will be unmasked by your own words. A bestseller is born of the truth of the writer.

13) Agent or not agent?

At first you would not need it, then when you succeed you may want to share your earnings with him.

14) Think of an ideal reader

If you plan to please everyone you will not satisfy anyone.

15) Make sure your friends, your relatives and trusted readers can read your book

They will sincerely tell you their opinion.


Good luck and good job to everyone!


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