Tutelio is happy to welcome the new IP partners from the international law firm Eptalex: Francesca Ferrari in Milan, Melody Musoni in Johannesburg and Claudia Caluori who will follow the offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi together with the one in Beirut.

Francesca Ferrari has a long-standing experience internationally in the IP field. She is a committee member at INTA, IPR Expert of the European Union and associate professor at University of Insurbia. She studied law the University of Pavia and was Visiting Researcher at Harvard Law School.

Melody Musoni is a PhD Candidate on disruptive technologies like blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mobile money platforms in emerging markets. She studied at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. She is specialized in IP law and trademarks and conducts legal audits, risk management and compliance checks for all kind of companies.

Claudia Caluori is specialized in the business  international development and Protection. She studied at LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome. Currently she is Senior Foreign Counsel for Eptalex in the Middle East and associate of the R&D group at Tutelio.

“At Tutelio we believe in the power and effectiveness of technology towards progress and innovation. We believe that IT simplifies and optimizes professional competence, without replacing it: there will never be chatbots or automations able to process the right questions that are necessary to fully understand the unique needs of each client” – says Fabrizio Lipani, founder of Tutelio. “The entry of Eptalex professionals confirms Tutelio’s commitment to building a highly specialized network to accompany each of our customers towards the protection and enhancement of their ideas all over the world”.

“As a member of the Eptalex IP-Desk, I recognize the spirit that our international firms and its members share with Tutelio and its founders: the eagerness and the curiosity to go beyond the known limits to offer innovative and modern services. – says Claudia Caluori, Eptalex – As lawyers and legal consultants we want our clients to feel that their intellectual property rights are well-protected in the current legal framework without preventing them to use the new options the blockchain offers”.