Tutelio Transfer, officially online, is the new blockchain solution that protects creativity

Every day documents, ideas, projects, texts, audio and video are spread without any kind of protection. Tutelio Transfer is the new system that guarantees you the sharing of all kinds of ideas, in safety.

With Tutelio Transfer you transfer your documents and certify your creations

Tutelio Transfer was born from the intuition of the Tutelio and, compared to the traditional methods of sending files, certifies your creations through blockchain, assigning a certain date in a secure and incorruptible way.

Tutelio Transfer, therefore, allows you to send large or small projects to third parties preserving the authorship and secrecy of your creative and innovative projects, quickly and easily.

The 3 steps to use it

To send a document just go to the official website, enter your e-mail, the recipient’s one, upload the file to be sent and immediately get the certificate of authorship!

The importance of intangible assets today

Today, intangible assets such as know-how, innovations, trademarks and patents, play an increasingly important role. In fact, the intangible assets of companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Alibaba Group and Tencent are together worth 5.1 trillion, a figure that is equivalent to the entire GDP of Japan

Intellectual property is increasingly at the center of attention and, compared to the past, constitutes 80% of the value of a company,” said Fabrizio Lipani, CEO & Founder of Tutelio. “It is therefore important to pay attention to these assets as a material asset. Tutelio Transfer makes simplicity and security the key tool for protecting the value of the intangible.

Antonio Procopio, Chief Innovation Officer of Tutelio and Product Manager of Tutelio Transfer, added: “Compared to traditional data transfer systems that do not protect intellectual property, the new Tutelio Transfer platform allows, thanks to blockchain technology, to send your files safely while also preserving their authorship.”

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